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Travertition Dark Grey

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SKU: Travertition Dark Grey Categories: ,

Travertition is our take on a different version of the Travertine stone, creating an entirely different look by cutting the stone in the opposite way than what has traditionally been done. This cross-cut creates a new look that is subtle and elegant, with a larger variety than the simplicity of the linear cut. Combined with the shade selection, ranging from bright white to a rich dark grey, the beauty of the collection lies in expanding the possibilities of a stone with a graphic that has been taken for granted.
The beauty of Travertition isn’t to be enjoyed just on the interior. It can be just as beautiful, just as elegant when used on the outside, surrounding ponds or pools, creating a romantic looking path in a garden, or decorating a patio under the shining stars of the night. To make this freedom possible, we created a paver version of the collection, making the tiles twice as thick to better resist weight and weather, but without compromising the rich and refined look. For this reason, we decided to created a paver version of the colors that would look the most appealing, Beige and Grey, to give a color choice both warm and cold, to perfectly combine with any design choice.

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